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Collaborative Consumption - Sharing Economy

YoLft is an App for long distance ride sharing. Drivers and passengers can register for free on the App. After registration, drivers can create a profile to share rides, and passengers can find rides that meet their criteria.

Sharing is to ownership what the iPod is to the 8-track, what solar power is to the coal mine. New York Times

YoLft redefining how we travel...

Safety and trust

Your safety and comfort is of utmost importance to us.

Real people with real identity.

The current version of our App is only open to professionals with corporate emails and university students with university emails. To share or find rides, users are required to verify their corporate emails or student emails.



Rating system

The App has a rating system algorithm that allow users to rate each other.


The rating system also rates new users according to their profile and information provided. The higher the rating of the user, the more reliable the community perceive them.

Your choice

The YoLft App enables you to choose your traveling companions.


Want to travel only with people of your gender? Want to travel with people in the same profession as you? We hear you! You can set your preferences and YoLft customizes the lift share for you.


Elegantly designed with swift less user interface.


Work email or student email verification, and peer ratings. Users are well informed when choosing co-travellers.


Passengers can enter their exact pick-up point and enjoy the comfort of being picked at home or anywhere convenient.

Passenger real-time feed

Using our cutting edge interface, passengers are able to see how far is the driver from picking them. Also, they can see driver progress in picking other passengers.

Driver real-time feed

Using our cutting edge user interface, drivers are able to view passengers who are ready to be picked up, and navigate to their location.

Easy identification

You can see your co-traveller profile picture, vehicle photo and a few other details. You can never go wrong in identifying your co-traveller.

Price comparison

Passengers will know before hand their cost-contribution to the journey. They can also compare the cost contribution charged by other drivers


Enjoy these benefits when you ride share.

Save on fuel costs, toll fees and other travelling related costs.

Saving money


Travelling long distance can be boring and daunting, instead, travel with company and socialise.

Avoiding boredom


Meet new friends and network.



Save the environment by reducing carbon emission.

Going green


Public transport can be overcrowded and consume a lot of time. Enjoy the benefits of travelling in private cars by ride sharing using the YoLft App.

Public transport


Emergency? Ride sharing with YoLft is the solution to unplanned trips.

Last minute booking


Private events

The YoLft App has a platform to facilitate company events which require travelling. The App can also be used by companies to car pool their employees to reduce parking constraints.


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